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CPRIT and Cancer Prevention


Every minute three new cases of cancer are diagnosed in the U.S. According to the Texas Cancer Registry, cancer is the leading cause of death for Texans. However, an estimated 50 percent of all cancers could be prevented. Thanks to CPRIT more than five million cancer prevention services have been made available in all 254 Texas counties. In recognition of National Cancer Prevention Month, learn more about cancer prevention and how CPRIT is advancing the fight against cancer in Texas.

Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas Awards New Grants


(AUSTIN) — The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) today awarded 42 new academic research grants, seven prevention grants, and five product development grants totaling close to $96 million to advance the fight against cancer.

“This round of awards emphasizes CPRIT’s priorities of pediatric cancer prevention and research, reaching underserved populations and investing more in early translational research,” said Wayne Roberts, CPRIT Chief Executive Officer.

CPRIT Presents Legislative Appropriations Request to the House Appropriations Committee


(AUSTIN) – Today, CPRIT leadership presented the agency’s legislative appropriations request (LAR) to the House Appropriations Committee. Chief Executive Officer Wayne Roberts and Chief Operating Officer Heidi McConnell appeared before the committee to testify on behalf of CPRIT. See the presentation submitted to the committee.

Investment, Infrastructure and Opportunities - 2019 THBI Presentation


(Austin) – Today, CPRIT Chief Executive Officer Wayne Roberts presented at the Texas Healthcare & Bioscience Institute Summit. Mr. Roberts discussed CPRIT's investments, the resulting infrastructure, and opportunities for Texas if CPRIT is continued beyond 2023. See the presentation.

CPRIT Appoints Cindy R. WalkerPeach, Ph.D. As Chief Product Development Officer


AUSTIN – Today, the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) announced the appointment of Cindy WalkerPeach, Ph.D. as Chief Product Development Officer.

“Dr. WalkerPeach has extensive life science industry experience nationally and in Texas, bringing firsthand knowledge of translating promising research from the lab through clinical trials,” said CPRIT CEO Wayne Roberts. “Her familiarity with Texas’ needs and opportunities will have an immediate beneficial effect on the state’s cancer product development landscape.”

Building A World Class Program to Fight Kidney Cancer


Kidney cancer is often detected too late to treat and historically survival rates are low. Fortunately, CPRIT has invested heavily into researching the causes behind kidney cancer and how to better treat it. As Director of the Kidney Cancer Program and Brugarolas Labs at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, James Brugarolas, MD, PhD has been the recipient of 6 CPRIT Academic Research grants exceeding $5.5 million.

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