Grantee Resources

The grantee resources page includes the sources of CPRIT’s requirements, such as statutory and administrative rule text, as well as guidance on how to understand and apply those requirements during a CPRIT grant project. Examples of the grantee resources include proposed administrative rule changes, the Grant Policies and Procedures Guide, previous and upcoming compliance training opportunities, and other helpful webinars. Grantees will also find guidance on how to report fraud, waste, and abuse to CPRIT using Red Flag Reporting.

CPRIT Grant Management System

CPRIT utilizes an online grants management system that allows you to correspond with staff, manage budget information, submit reimbursement requests and required reports, manage grant contacts and review and accept contracts and contract amendments.

Rules and Statutes

State law requires agencies to use a rulemaking process, which includes an opportunity for the public to comment on proposed rules and rule changes before the agency adopts the final rule. When CPRIT proposes a new administrative rule or a change to an existing administrative rule, it must do so through a rulemaking project. The rulemaking project, which CPRIT announces in the Texas Register, gives the public advance notice of the proposed rule so that interested persons may decide whether they wish to comment on the proposal.

Current Rulemaking Project

At its May 15, 2024, meeting, the Oversight Committee approved the release of proposed changes to an existing agency rule in Chapter 701.

The proposed amendment to Section 701.11(5) removes the hard copy option for the Texas Cancer Plan, which CPRIT currently maintains as a PDF on its website here. CPRIT plans to present the next version of the Texas Cancer Plan as a fully online, dynamic resource available to the public.

Written comments may be submitted through July 15, 2024, to CPRIT’s Deputy Executive Officer and General Counsel, Kristen Doyle, by fax (512/475-2563); by email (; or by mail to the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas, P.O. Box 12097, ATTN: Rulemaking Project, Austin, Texas, 78711.

The Oversight Committee expects to consider a final order that reflects the comments received on the proposed rule and any recommended changes at their meeting on August 21, 2024.

Proposed change to Texas Administrative Code Title 25, Chapter 701: Proposed Rule Text May 2024

Recently Adopted Rule Changes

Also at its May meeting, the Oversight Committee approved the final adoption of recent changes to Chapters 701 and 703 that were initially presented at the February 21 meeting. The amendments add “Tranche” to the agency’s list of defined terms in Chapter 701 and consistently capitalize the term throughout Chapter 703.

Beginning June 9, 2024, Texas Administrative Code Chapters 701 and 703 will reflect the recently adopted rule amendments, which are also available here: Adopted Rule Text May 2024

Additional Resources

Policies and Procedures Guide

The Policies and Procedures Guide is made available for individuals and organizations interested in the CPRIT cancer research and prevention funding award program. It provides the framework for the review, award, implementation, and monitoring of CPRIT-funded research and prevention grant awards, as well as information on the rules and requirements that applicants and recipients of CPRIT grant awards must follow


CPRIT is holding a redesigned and interactive webinar to help current grantees successfully navigate compliance and reporting requirements. The training includes an overview of common reporting errors, relevant administrative rule changes, interactive exercises, and a Q&A with staff.

CPRIT’s administrative rule § 703.22 requires all grantees to complete an annual compliance training by December 31 of each year. The Authorized Signing Official (ASO) and at least one other individual from each organization must attend the annual compliance training; however, we encourage all staff who use CPRIT’s grants management system to participate in this training.

PLEASE NOTE: Grantee compliance trainings are program specific. Organizations with grants across multiple programs should attend the training that pertains to the majority of their awards.

CPRIT staff participating in the webinar included representatives from the compliance department, program staff, operations staff, and the legal department.

Resources from Previous Compliance Training Sessions

Funding Webinars

CPRIT offers several funding opportunities for promising cancer research, product development, and prevention programs. All funding opportunities are announced through formal Requests for Applications (RFAs) and applications must be submitted through the online application receipt system.

Reporting Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Pursuant to Texas Administrative Code § 701.9, CPRIT has established a system to receive confidential reports of suspected instances or events that failed to comply with CPRIT's applicable laws, rules and policies, including allegations of fraud, waste and abuse.

To report fraud, waste and/or abuse occurring at the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT), call Red Flag Reporting at 1-877-647-3335 and use Client Code: 5124633190 or go to Click here for more information about reporting suspected fraud, waste, or abuse.

Reports of suspected fraud, waste, or abuse relating to state funds associated with state agencies and institutions or higher education may be made to the Texas State Auditor's Office (SAO). To report an allegation of fraud, waste, or abuse, with the SAO visit the Texas State Auditor's Office website.

Reporting Forms

The grant reporting forms listed here allow grantees to provide supplementary information when required to the grant reports found in CARS-CGMS.

Resource Documents

The grant reporting resource documents listed here are designed to assist grantees in submitting accurate information and documentation for all expenses reported to CPRIT.

FSR Checklist for Academic Research
FSR Checklist for Product Development
FSR Checklist for Prevention
FSR categories and required supporting documentation
Standardized GL with FSR and match columns
Match Eligibility Matrix

Upcoming Oversight Committee Meetings

August 21, 2024

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