Texas Cancer Plan

Texas Cancer Plan Report CoverThe State's plan for cancer research, prevention, and control has been revised. The 2018 Texas Cancer Plan includes:

  • Five priority areas
  • Sixteen specific goals
  • Measurable objectives, baselines, and target for change
  • Strategic actions for implementation
  • Call to Action section for all Texans – What Can YOU Do?
  • Progress and Challenges 2012 - 2017

About the Plan

The Texas Cancer Plan (the Plan) aims to reduce the cancer burden across the state and improve the lives of Texans. As the statewide call to action for cancer research, prevention, and control, the Plan identifies the challenges and issues that affect our state and presents a set of goals, objectives, and strategies to help inform and guide communities in the fight against cancer. This document provides a coordinated, prioritized, and actionable framework that will help guide efforts to mitigate the cancer burden.

By state statute, CPRIT is charged with facilitating the development of the Texas Cancer Plan. The first plan developed under CPRIT’s leadership was in 2012. The 2018 Plan reflects changes, progress, and advances in cancer prevention and control efforts since 2012.

CPRIT’s strategic direction and funding opportunities align with the Plan but are, by necessity, a subset of the goals and objectives. The overall outcome and success of efforts to reduce the state's cancer burden will continue to depend on the cooperation, collaboration, and resources of the many stakeholders in Texas.


Individuals or groups with questions regarding the Texas Cancer Plan are invited to contact CPRIT's Prevention department.