Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 102

Article III of Texas Constitution establishing CPRIT


Texas Administrative Code, Title 25, Chapters 701 – 703

Current Rulemaking Project

At its August 16, 2023, meeting, the Oversight Committee approved the release of proposed changes to existing agency rules in Chapter 701.

The proposed amendment to Section 701.25 expands CPRIT’s electronic signature policy to include Grant Applicants. CPRIT’s electronic policy explicitly applies to Grant Recipients that use the Institute’s electronic Grant Managements System (CGMS). The policy allows CPRIT to rely on information submitted by a Grant Recipient’s Authorized Signing Official (ASO) as legally binding. The proposed rule change extends the convenience and responsibilities associated with electronic signatures to Grant Applicants.

Written comments may be submitted through October 2, 2023, to CPRIT’s Deputy Executive Officer and General Counsel, Kristen Doyle, by fax (512/475-2563); by email (; or by mail to the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas, P.O. Box 12097, ATTN: Rulemaking Project, Austin, Texas, 78711.

The Oversight Committee expects to consider a final order that reflects the comments received on the proposed rule and any recommended changes at their meeting on November 15, 2023.

Proposed change to Texas Administrative Code Title 25, Chapters 701, Section 701.25

Recently Adopted Rule Changes

At its August meeting, the Oversight Committee also approved the final adoption of recent changes to Sections 701.3; 703.6; 703.7; 703.10; 703.21; and 703.25 that were initially presented at the May 17, 2023, meeting. The amendments clarify the definition and use of “Scope of Work” throughout CPRIT’s administrative rules.

Beginning September 7, 2023, Texas Administrative Code Chapters 701 and 703 will reflect the recent rule amendments, which are also available here CPRIT Adopted Rule Amendments Chapters 701 and 703

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