At its meeting last month, CPRIT’s Oversight Committee approved four FY 2023 requests for applications (RFAs) for the Product Development Research program.  The Oversight Committee also approved changes to the product development application and review process for the FY 2023 review cycle. 

The Texas Comptroller’s Office is currently reviewing the proposed Product Development Program RFAs.  CPRIT will release the RFAs after the Comptroller’s review, which we expect to occur in July.  CPRIT staff plan to open the portal to receive preliminary applications in August.

Summaries of the four FY 2023 RFAs and answers to some general questions about the changes to the FY 2023 review process are available on CPRIT’s website here.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Abria Magee, CPRIT’s Product Development Program Manager, at or (512) 626-0816.