CPRIT’s Academic Research Program received an unprecedented number of high-quality applications over the past nine months (September 2021-May 2022) and awarded more Individual Investigator Research Awards (IIRAs) and Recruitment Scholar Awards in February and May than in previous years (40% more IIRAs and 20% more Recruitment Awards).

CPRIT is pleased to recognize so many meritorious projects and exceptional investigators recruited to Texas.  We attribute the unprecedented increase this year largely to the expansion of activities at academic and research institutions after two years of pandemic-related exigencies.  This is a positive indication that research and recruiting activities have recovered from the uncertainties and delays imposed by COVID.

Unfortunately, the consequence of this pent-up demand is that CPRIT’s Academic Research Program has committed its allocated budget for the Fiscal Year 2022 grant cycle. 

To address this fiscal issue, including the impact on the Fiscal Year 2023 Academic Research Program award budget, the following steps have been taken:

  1. CPRIT has stopped accepting applications for the recruitment program through August 31, the end of Fiscal Year 2022.
  2. CPRIT will carry forward the remaining Fiscal Year 2022 grant awards planned for approval in August to a special Oversight Committee meeting in September.  The short-term delay allows us to use up to $60 million of Fiscal Year 2023 funds.  
  3. CPRIT is limiting Fiscal Year 2023 recruitment awards to Established Investigators and First-Time, Tenure-Track faculty, and granting fewer awards. 
  4. CPRIT will award fewer Individual Investigator Research Awards in Fiscal Year 2023.
  5. CPRIT will not offer the second cycle of Fiscal Year 2023 awards, including Core Facility Support Awards and High Impact, High Risk Grants, Clinical Trials Network Awards, and Early Clinical Investigator Awards.

As described in the RFA for TREC applications, FY 2023 proposals will be reviewed in the fall, and CPRIT will present the recommended applications to the Oversight Committee at a special meeting in January 2023, with funding available thereafter. CPRIT remains committed to all award mechanisms and hopes to resume all at historical levels beginning in Fiscal Year 2024.  We will continue to monitor the situation and discuss other potential options with CPRIT stakeholders and the Oversight Committee as they develop.