Who Reviews My Grant Application

Experts and advocates in the field of cancer research, product development and cancer prevention are provisionally appointed to the peer review committees by CPRIT’s Chief Executive Officer and approved by the Oversight Committee. To minimize the potential for conflicts of interest in the review process, all research and prevention peer reviewers live and work outside of the state. Peer review members are assigned to panels in their area of expertise. At least one advocate reviewer is assigned to each panel.

Review Councils

The Review Councils oversee the peer review process for all research, product development research and prevention proposals submitted to CPRIT. Review Councils are comprised of the chairs of each peer review committee. Upon completion of the peer review committees’ evaluation, the Review Councils assess the evaluations and recommend a final list of proposals to CPRIT’s Program Integration Committee.


CPRIT grant award applications undergo rigorous reviews conducted by independent peer review panels. The peer review panels are comprised of prominent experts that live and work outside of Texas, selected for their distinguished expertise in the field of cancer research or prevention. CPRIT includes advocate reviewers as part of its peer review process to ensure the needs of cancer patients remain at the forefront of discussions during the review process. Reviewers are appointed by the Oversight Committee to one of the three CPRIT programs.