Grant ID RR220054
Awarded On February 16, 2022
Title Recruitment of Established Investigators
Program CPRIT Scholar
Award Mechanism Recruitment of Established Investigators
Institution/Organization Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station
Principal Investigator/Program Director Vanderlei Bagnato
Cancer Sites Skin
Contracted Amount $5,999,721
Summary of Goals and Objectives

The overarching goal of this application is to address current technology and knowledge gaps by adapting, applying, and validating a set of low-cost technologies for treating melanoma in people living in low-income communities. The focus of the proposed research program is to provide an integrated approach to development of affordable treatment using photodynamic and sonodynamic therapy. The proposed program is built on prior success of the National Program in Brazil on treating basal cell carcinoma using photodynamic action, spearheaded by Professor Bagnato. The program represents a synergistic effort of partners with a history of successful collaboration between two countries (US and Brazi...

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