Grant ID RR210017
Awarded On November 18, 2020
Title Recruitment of First-Time, Tenure-Track Faculty Members
Program CPRIT Scholar
Award Mechanism Recruitment of First-Time, Tenure-Track Faculty Members
Institution/Organization The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Principal Investigator/Program Director Mauro Di Pilato
Cancer Sites All Sites
Contracted Amount $2,000,000
Summary of Goals and Objectives

My major scientific interest is T cell immunology, specifically the mechanisms that regulate immune T cell activity in a tumor microenvironment. My scientific works are mainly focused on the biology of T cells: from their activation and proliferation in response to virus infection to their differentiation and survival in a tumor microenvironment. In the tumor context, infiltrating effector T (Teff) cells regulate or reject cancer cells while infiltrating regulatory T (Treg) cells suppress the immune responses elicited by Teff and promote tumor progression. 

Efforts to eliminate regulatory Treg cells in cancer patients in order to unleash Teff responses have so far not produced encouraging results...

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