Grant ID RP240137
Awarded On February 21, 2024
Title Charting TCR-Tumor Antigen Interactions to Foster Novel Immunotherapeutic Approaches for Triple- Negative Breast Cancer
Program Academic Research
Award Mechanism Individual Investigator Research Awards for Computational Biology
Institution/Organization Baylor College of Medicine
Principal Investigator/Program Director Bing Zhang
Cancer Sites Breast
Contracted Amount $1,200,000
Lay Summary

This research project aims to develop better treatments for triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC), a highly lethal form of the disease that disproportionately affects young women and those of African or Hispanic ancestry. Unlike other subtypes of breast cancer, TNBC lacks specific targetable mutations, making it difficult to develop effective therapies. Current treatments have limited success and can cause severe side effects, highlighting the need for new approaches. Our project focuses on using engineered immune cells, called T cells, to specifically target and destroy TNBC cells. We will first use advanced computer analysis and laboratory experiments to identify the unique features of TNB...

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