Grant ID RP230445
Awarded On August 16, 2023
Title Core Imaging Instrumentation for Cancer Studies in Rodent Models: Acquisition of an IVIS Spectrum/Quantum GX2 optical/microCT Small Animal Imaging System
Program Academic Research
Award Mechanism TREC: Major Instrumentation Award
Institution/Organization Baylor University
Principal Investigator/Program Director Christopher Becker
Cancer Sites Breast, Colorectal, Pancreas
Contracted Amount $997,701
Lay Summary

This proposal seeks to enhance investigator-initiated studies of solid tumors (90% of adult human cancers) with the acquisition of an IVIS Spectrum/Quantum GX2 imaging system. Small-animal, multimodal imaging has been identified as an essential tool for preclinical cancer research and the proposed system will leverage existing core facilities and personnel infrastructure in our vivarium, microscopy, and instrumentation cores to provide access to a unique, multimodal combination of optical and microCT imaging. This system will enhance and enable a broad range of cancer research for a multidisciplinary group of established and early-stage investigators (and their trainees) across biology, che...

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