Grant ID RP220631
Awarded On September 14, 2022
Title West Texas Pharmacology Core
Program Academic Research
Award Mechanism Core Facility Support Awards
Institution/Organization Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Principal Investigator/Program Director Min H Kang
Cancer Sites All Sites
Contracted Amount $3,369,480
Lay Summary

West Texas Pharmacology Core will serve two purposes. One is helping academic researchers and biotech companies to develop new anti-cancer drugs. The other is promoting discoveries in new therapies for childhood cancers. CPRIT also has been providing funding to researchers and biotech companies with innovative ideas in developing a new therapy for cancer. One of the critical components of drug development is to study how the drug behaves in humans, especially in cancer patients. This is especially important to eliminate those drug candidates that won't make it as drugs before they are tested in cancer patients as human studies are very costly, and they may not help the patients. Pharmacolog...

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