Grant ID RP220600
Awarded On September 14, 2022
Title In vivo Akt Analysis via Chemical Genetics and Nanoparticle-mediated Probe Delivery
Program Academic Research
Award Mechanism High Impact/High Risk
Institution/Organization Texas Tech University
Principal Investigator/Program Director Degeng Wang
Cancer Sites Colorectal
Contracted Amount $249,999
Lay Summary

Protein kinases are key cancer therapy targets. But kinase studies are hindered by lack of powerful in vivo analysis methods. We address this challenge with Akt1 and Akt2 as initial model. Though sharing high sequence homology, they display functional different in metastasis. In colon cancer, Akt2 is a strong promoter of metastasis, but Akt1 is an inhibitor. Understanding the difference begs for better analysis methods. Previously, we have combined the chemical genetic method developed by Dr. Kevan Shokat and nanoparticle intracellular delivery of the bulky ATP analog N6-Benzyl-ATP-gamma-S (A*TP-gamma-S). According to the Shokat method, we mutated the gate-keeper Methionine to Glycine, creat...

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