Grant ID RP210088
Awarded On August 18, 2021
Title Targeted Therapeutic Drug Discovery & Development Program
Program Academic Research
Award Mechanism Core Facility Support Awards
Institution/Organization The University of Texas at Austin
Principal Investigator/Program Director Kevin Dalby
Cancer Sites All Sites
Contracted Amount $3,989,441
Lay Summary

8.2.2. Layperson’s Summary Drug discovery research is a moving target, continually adapting to the opportunities afforded by new technologies. While cancer researchers have identified many clinically significant cancer-related targets, the critical challenge in advancing new molecules from ‘discovery’ to pre-clinical testing is the lack of ac-cess to the specialized and cutting-edge resources instrumented by multi-disciplinary experiences that are necessary to support the early phase of drug development effort. The GCC for Innovative Drug Discovery and Development (GCC-IDDD) goal has been to provide Texas’ re-searchers with access to cutting-edge technologies and expertise to enable the ...

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