Grant ID RP200614
Awarded On August 19, 2020
Title Novel Betabody-Drug Conjugates Targeting Phosphatidylserine for the Selective Delivery of Potent, Small-Molecule Payloads
Program Academic Research
Award Mechanism High Impact/High Risk
Institution/Organization Baylor University
Principal Investigator/Program Director Kevin G Pinney
Cancer Sites Breast, Lung and Bronchus, Pancreas
Contracted Amount $250,000
Lay Summary

This proposal advances the first-in-class synthesis and biological evaluation of protein-drug conjugates that feature engineered proteins (called betabodies) that target the lipid phosphatidylserine (PS). PS is in the inside part (inner leaflet) of the membrane that surrounds normal cells, but in cancer cells and cells lining tumor blood vessels, PS is flipped and exposed on the outside of the cell. In addition, PS exposed on cancer cells helps to suppress the immune response that fights cancer. Specific protein antibodies that attach to PS have demonstrated the ability to delay tumor growth in multiple mouse models of cancer. Betabodies also bind to PS, but since they are smaller than antib...

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