Grant ID RP190497
Awarded On August 21, 2019
Title Topical Esomeprazole for Radiation-induced Dermatitis
Program Academic Research
Award Mechanism High Impact/High Risk
Institution/Organization Baylor College of Medicine
Principal Investigator/Program Director Yohannes T Ghebre
Cancer Sites All Sites
Contracted Amount $199,500
Lay Summary

Radiation therapy (the application of X-ray to the body) is frequently used in medical facilities to treat different types of cancer including cancer of the breast, lung, head and neck aiming to prevent it from spreading to other body parts. Unfortunately, this type of X-ray-based treatment is often associated with harmful effects, including inflammation and scarring of the skin known as radiation dermatitis. Unfortunately, there is no good treatment for radiation dermatitis. Recently, we discovered that an FDA-approved drug (for the treatment of other diseases) is effective in reducing markers of inflammation and scarring in cells and animal models of radiation dermatitis. Thus, we plan to ...

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