Grant ID RP180670
Awarded On August 24, 2018
Title Small Animal Imaging Core Facility for Cancer Research at UT Dallas
Program Academic Research
Award Mechanism Core Facility Support Awards
Institution/Organization The University of Texas at Dallas
Principal Investigator/Program Director Kenneth Hoyt
Cancer Sites All Sites
Contracted Amount $3,580,949
Lay Summary

Preclinical imaging is a powerful resource that can be used to visualize and target tumors in small animal models enabling cancer researchers to assess the efficacy of new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies prior to clinical translation. A centralized state-of-the-art small animal imaging core facility at the University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) would be a major stimulus for accelerating cancer research efforts by the faculty and student population. To that end, the objective of this proposal is to significantly expand the capabilities of preclinical imaging resources that are currently available at UT Dallas. We will acquire several powerful and cost-effective small animal imaging i...

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