Grant ID RP170797
Awarded On August 16, 2017
Title The Preparation of Novel Phage-Displayed Macrocyclic Peptide Libraries for the Identification of Anticancer Agents
Program Academic Research
Award Mechanism High Impact/High Risk
Institution/Organization Texas A&M University
Principal Investigator/Program Director Wenshe Liu
Cancer Sites Breast, Colorectal, Prostate
Contracted Amount $200,000
Lay Summary

The overall goal of this project is to build straightforward methods for the synthesis of phage-displayed macrocyclic peptide libraries and demonstrate their applications in the identification of macrocyclic peptides that can serve as anti-cancer agents. Phage display is a technique that allows rapid identification of target-interacting peptides. Its connection of peptides with phage genetic information that encodes them allows billions of unique peptides to be screened swiftly. However, current phage display techniques are mainly limited to the identification of linear peptides that are typically unstructured in solution and easy to be hydrolyzed proteolytically. There are two cysteine-base...

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