Grant ID RP160674
Awarded On August 17, 2016
Title Comparative Effectiveness Research on Cancer in Texas (CERCIT) 2.0
Program Academic Research
Award Mechanism Multi-Investigator Research Awards (Version 2)
Institution/Organization The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston
Principal Investigator/Program Director James Goodwin
Cancer Sites Bladder, Bone, Brain and Other Nervous System, Breast, Cervix Uteri, Colorectal, Corpus and Uterus, NOS, Endocrine, Esophagus, Eye and Orbit, Head and Neck, Kidney and Renal Pelvis, Lung and Bronchus, Ovary, Pancreas, Penis, Prostate, Sarcoma, Skin, Small Intestine, Stomach, Testis, Thyroid, Vagina, Vulva
Contracted Amount $6,000,000
Lay Summary

This application seeks a renewal of support for the multiple investigator research award entitled “Comparative Effectiveness Research on Cancer in Texas” (CERCIT), which was originally funded in 2010. The rationale for the first CERCIT was the lack of information on cancer care in Texas. The Texas Cancer Registry did not include information on screening for cancer, chemotherapy, post-treatment surveillance, or supportive care. To address this, we formed a consortium of four Texas academic institutions plus the Texas Cancer Registry. For this study, we linked information about patients with cancer diagnoses maintained in the cancer registry with information about the medical care they receive...

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