Grant ID RP160520
Awarded On November 19, 2015
Title Effect of Chest Radiation Therapy on Cardiomyocyte Turnover
Program Academic Research
Award Mechanism Individual Investigator Research Awards for Prevention and Early Detection
Institution/Organization The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Principal Investigator/Program Director Hesham Sadek
Cancer Sites All Sites
Contracted Amount $897,570
Lay Summary

There are currently over 270,000 survivors of childhood and adolescent cancers in the United States. Chest radiotherapy is an effective treatment modality for numerous types of these cancers, including Hodgkin lymphoma and bone cancers among others. Unfortunately, radiotherapy has significant deleterious effects on the heart that are far more pronounced in patients receiving the therapy at younger age. One of the most serious, and poorly understood side effects is the delayed effect of radiotherapy on the heart muscle. Epidemiological studies indicate that the majority of patients undergoing chest radiotherapy during adolescence and young adulthood develop fibrosis in the cardiac muscle and...

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