Grant ID RP160501
Awarded On November 19, 2015
Title De-Orphanizing TLX: Implications for Glioblastomas
Program Academic Research
Award Mechanism Individual Investigator
Institution/Organization The Methodist Hospital Research Institute
Principal Investigator/Program Director Henry Pownall
Cancer Sites Brain and Other Nervous System
Contracted Amount $878,969
Lay Summary

Glioblastoma brain tumors are deadly. Surgery and chemotherapy are used to combat disease but do not work well. Current survival after diagnosis is about one year and has not improved. New innovative strategies are needed. Two recent discoveries offer hope. First, brain tumor stem cells (BTSC) are responsible for glioblastoma growth. These cells reproduce indefinitely and their continued growth feeds the tumor. Thus, strategies to combat tumor cells often fail in long term treatments because they do not target BTSC and strategies to block BTSC growth should attack the cancer at its root. Second, scientists are focusing on proteins that regulate BTSC division. Knowledge of function of such pr...

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