Grant ID RP160487
Awarded On November 19, 2015
Title Cytokine signaling in Ewing sarcoma
Program Academic Research
Award Mechanism Individual Investigator Research Awards for Cancer in Children and Adolescents
Institution/Organization The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Principal Investigator/Program Director Yuzuru Shiio
Cancer Sites Bone, Sarcoma
Contracted Amount $1,200,000
Lay Summary

Cells in our body are communicating with each other using a group of proteins called cytokines. Likewise, cancer cells communicate among themselves and with normal cells in patient’s body using cytokines. Although important roles played by cytokines are well established in a variety of adult cancers, little is known about the roles of cytokines in children’s cancers. We discovered a new and unconventional type of cytokine signaling in Ewing sarcoma, a cancer of bone and soft tissue in children and young adults. Our data show that Ewing sarcoma is uniquely dependent on this cytokine signaling: Blocking this cytokine signaling profoundly inhibited proliferation and tumorigenicity of Ewing sarc...

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