Grant ID RP160249
Awarded On November 19, 2015
Title DIS3L2 in Childhood Wilms Tumor: Mechanism to Medicines
Program Academic Research
Award Mechanism Individual Investigator Research Awards for Cancer in Children and Adolescents
Institution/Organization The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Principal Investigator/Program Director Joshua Mendell
Cancer Sites Kidney and Renal Pelvis
Contracted Amount $1,200,000
Lay Summary

Wilms tumor is the most common kidney cancer in children and one of the most common childhood cancers overall. While most children with Wilms tumors can be treated successfully with combinations of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, there are some with more aggressive tumors who unfortunately cannot be cured with current treatments. Furthermore, survivors of Wilms tumor therapy often later develop significant health problems, including hearing loss, kidney dysfunction, heart failure and secondary cancers. A better approach would be to devise treatments that are targeted to the specific abnormalities in the cancer cells that cause them to grow out of control. Such treatments have the po...

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