Grant ID PP150080
Awarded On May 20, 2015
Title Empower Her To Care Expansion: Increasing Access to Breast Cancer Screening and the Continuum of Care for Underserved Texas Women
Program Prevention
Award Mechanism Competitive Continuation/Expansion - Evidence-Based Cancer Prevention Services
Institution/Organization The Rose
Principal Investigator/Program Director Bernice Joseph
Cancer Sites Breast
Contracted Amount $1,500,000
Lay Summary

Rural Texas counties have a greater cancer burden than their urban counterparts due to access-to-care barriers (being uninsured, poor and with limited transportation) and lack of infrastructure to carry out prevention programs. With more than 80% of Texas designated rural by federal government standards, 3.3 million people live in rural communities. Moreover, most uninsured Texan adults are low-income workers: nearly 70% of uninsured adults are in a working family, and 40% live below the poverty level. Despite healthcare reform, Texas still has the highest number of uninsured, non-elderly adults in the nation at just over 23%.

Access to health care for the uninsured in Texas is a growing, lo...

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