Grant ID DP230076
Awarded On May 17, 2023
Title OncoResponse OR502 anti-LILRB2 monoclonal antibody Phase 1-2 clinical study
Program Product Development Research
Award Mechanism Texas Therapeutics Company Awards for Product Development Research
Institution/Organization OncoResponse
Principal Investigator/Program Director Clifford Stocks
Cancer Sites All Sites
Contracted Amount $13,259,174
Lay Summary

The modern treatment of cancer activates the body's own immune system to attack cancer. These treatments, called immunotherapy, may not be successful if the cancer can recruit bad-acting cells, such as tumor associated macrophages, or TAMs, that create barriers preventing immunotherapies from activating the body's own defenses against the cancer. To find drugs that may help counteract these TAMs, OncoResponse looked to patients who had responded very well to immunotherapy to see if their bodies made factors to block TAMs and helped them fight their cancers. Along with MD Anderson Cancer Center, and using a unique, high-throughput platform, OncoResponse has discovered several factors that may...

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