Grant ID DP230062
Awarded On May 17, 2023
Title 7HP349, a Small Molecule, Oral Integrin Activator to Treat Patients With anti-PD-1 Resistant Melanoma
Program Product Development Research
Award Mechanism Texas Therapeutics Company Awards for Product Development Research
Institution/Organization 7 Hills Pharma Inc.
Principal Investigator/Program Director Lionel Lewis
Cancer Sites Skin
Contracted Amount $13,439,001
Lay Summary

7 Hills Pharma is a Texas-based company developing novel therapies for cancer. Our drug, 7HP349, could benefit melanoma and other solid tumor patients resistant to immune checkpoint inhibitor (ICI) therapy. ICIs use the immune system to fight tumors, and have made rapid strides in treating melanoma, non-small cell lung, renal, bladder and other cancers. However, 43% of melanoma patients develop ICI drug resistance and are left with limited treatment options. 7HP349 addresses a primary cause of ICI resistance, the inability of T cells to infiltrate tumors, and has shown the ability in preclinical studies to reverse ICI drug resistance and reduce or eliminate tumors. This proposal aligns with ...

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