Grant ID DP220055
Awarded On August 17, 2022
Title Commercial-Scale Enrichment of Stable Ytterbium-176 for Production of No-carrier-added Lutetium-177 for Use in Prostate Cancer Therapy
Program Product Development Research
Award Mechanism Texas Company Product Development Awards
Institution/Organization Atom Mines
Principal Investigator/Program Director Kirk Dorius
Cancer Sites Endocrine, Prostate
Contracted Amount $2,500,000
Lay Summary

Magnetically Activated and Guided Isotope Separation ("MAGIS") technology will enable production of the stable isotope Ytterbium-176 (176Yb) needed to make the radio-isotope Lutetium-177 (177Lu). 177Lu is an effective beta-therapy agent approved for certain neuroendocrine cancers and soon to be approved for prostate cancer, the second leading cause of cancer death in men, with clinical trials underway for a range of cancers. 177Lu can be used to target small tumors and dispersed, inoperable metastatic cancer using precise delivery molecules. 176Yb is currently only available in small quantities from Russia and that supply is uncertain due to geopolitics and competition for limited production...

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