Grant ID DP150102
Awarded On November 19, 2014
Title Image-Guided Smart Laser Knife for Cancer Surgery
Program Academic Research
Award Mechanism Bridging the Gap: Early Translational Research Awards
Institution/Organization The University of Texas at Austin
Principal Investigator/Program Director Thomas Milner
Cancer Sites All Sites
Contracted Amount $1,694,460
Lay Summary

Brain cancer surgery requires expensive tools that allow advanced imaging for fine cutting and removal of tumor cells and tissues without damage to nearby healthy nerves. Success of current brain cancer surgeries is severely limited by three factors: 1) lack of advanced imaging capabilities that can see into the brain; 2) use of cautery tools that cause too much damage in nearby healthy nerves; and 3) lack of fine-cutting tools that can remove as little as a few cell layers at a time. We propose to demonstrate a new surgical tool that we have named an “image-guided smart laser knife” that solves these problems.

The image-guided smart laser knife incorporates for the first time three new lase...

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