Grant ID DP150039
Awarded On February 18, 2015
Title Armada Pharmaceuticals Inc. New Company Formation for Development of Anti-Cancer Antibody-Drug Conjugate Therapeutics
Program Product Development Research
Award Mechanism New Company Product Development Award
Institution/Organization Forbius
Principal Investigator/Program Director Ilia Tikhomirov
Cancer Sites Breast, Head and Neck, Lung and Bronchus, Stomach
Contracted Amount $12,750,000
Lay Summary

Armada Pharmaceuticals Inc is developing an innovative pipeline of targeted anti-cancer therapeutics called antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). These next-generation treatments can have superior safety and efficacy. Armada’s high-potential pipeline was developed using a cutting-edge platform integrating genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics technologies.

Armada’s lead product, AVID100, has been extensively studied in disease models, and demonstrated excellent safety and efficacy against many deadly cancers displaying the EGFR marker, including breast, ovarian, head and neck, glioma, pancreatic, gastric, and lung cancers. Compared to the FDA-approved anti-EGFR antibody Erbitux® (sales of ~$2 b...

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