Grant ID DP150031
Awarded On February 18, 2015
Title A Multi-Targeted Approach for Recurrent Glioblastoma and Other Aggressive Cancers: Exploiting the Potential of IL-4 Fusion Proteins Treatment of Cancer
Program Product Development Research
Award Mechanism New Company Product Development Award
Institution/Organization Medicenna Therapeutics, Inc.
Principal Investigator/Program Director Fahar Merchant
Cancer Sites Brain and Other Nervous System
Contracted Amount $14,140,090
Lay Summary

Medicenna Therapeutics Inc. is an immuno-oncology company led by experienced entrepreneurs with proven track records win cancer drug development. Medicenna is developing treatments for brain cancers that affect both adults and children, including glioblastoma multiforme (GBM). GBM tumors are the most common form of adult brain cancer, with 11,000 new cases annually in US. They are the second most common cause of brain cancer deaths. These cancers make a protein on the cancer cells' surface called the IL-4 receptor (IL-4R). Most normal cells have no IL-4R.

Medicenna has developed an anti-cancer agent, MDNA55, which is administered directly into tumors. MDNA55 targets and kills brain cancer ce...

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