Grant ID PP170046
Awarded On February 15, 2017
Title Using Social Marketing and Mobile School-Based Vaccination Clinics to Increase HPV Vaccination Uptake in High-Risk Geographic Areas
Program Prevention
Award Mechanism Evidence-Based Prevention Programs and Services
Institution/Organization The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Principal Investigator/Program Director Paula Cuccaro
Cancer Sites Cervix Uteri, Head and Neck, HPV-related, Penis, Vagina, Vulva
Contracted Amount $1,499,969
Lay Summary

An estimated 79 million people in the US are infected with Human Papillomavirus (HPV), and 14 million people are newly infected yearly. High-risk HPV types cause 70% of cervical, 85% of anal, 72% of oropharyngeal, and almost half of vaginal, vulvar, and penile cancers; low-risk HPV types cause genital warts. Cervical cancer incidence and mortality are higher for black than white women and for Hispanic than non-Hispanic women.

Vaccination reduces the likelihood of getting HPV-related cancers or genital warts. Since the vaccine was introduced in 2006, vaccine-type HPV prevalence decreased 56% among female youth 14-19 years of age. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) r...

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