Peter M. Douglas, Ph.D.
Peter M. Douglas, Ph.D.
The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Titles & Positions

  • Assistant Professor, Center for Regenerative Science and Medicine, Department of Molecular Biology

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Grant Information

Grant ID: RR150089
Grant Mechanism: 
Recruitment of First-Time, Tenure-Track Faculty Members
Recruited From: 
University of California, Berkeley
Date Awarded: 
September 10, 2015
Grant Amount: 

Cells are ingenious at keeping everything in balance even when they are threatened by stressors that might otherwise kill them—such as too much heat, excess oxygen, too few nutrients, etc. But scientists are finding that stress-response mechanisms that keep cells alive when they shouldn’t may lead to cancer.

A molecular biologist at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center is teasing out the details of how cells respond to stress in order to find new ways to treat cancer. Peter Douglas was recruited in 2015 from the University of California, Berkeley, where he was a postdoctoral fellow, with the help of a First-Time Tenure-Track Award from CPRIT. Douglas was born in San Antonio and spent five years in Dallas as a child while his father was a professor at UT Southwestern.

On the one hand, activating the stress response in cells could help keep them alive—and might be a key to preventing or treating neurodegeneration, for example. On the other hand, cells that are too good at responding to stress might not die when they should.

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