Frank McKeon, Ph.D.
Frank McKeon, Ph.D.
University of Houston
Titles & Positions

  • Director, Somatic Stem Cell Center

  • Professor, Department of Biology and Biochemistry

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Grant Information

Grant ID: RR150088
Grant Mechanism: 
Recruitment of Established Investigators
Recruited From: 
Genome Institute of Singapore
Date Awarded: 
August 19, 2015
Grant Amount: 

Clues gleaned from studying inflammatory diseases like Crohn’s disease (colon) and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (lung) may help scientists discover new ways to treat cancer.

Internationally renowned stem cell expert Frank McKeon was recruited in 2015 to direct the University of Houston Somatic Stem Cell Center, with the help of a Recruitment of Established Investigator Award from CPRIT. He was a senior group leader at the Genome Institute of Singapore, after 23 years as a professor at Harvard Medical School.

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