On June 9th Governor Greg Abbott signed into law Senate Bill 81, extending CPRIT’s Sunset Review date by two years from 2021 to 2023.

SB 81’s Sunset extension allows CPRIT to utilize fully the $3 billion authorized by the citizens of Texas for this historical undertaking. In addition, the bill provides CPRIT with the additional tools to manage the state’s investments more efficiently and with continued operational transparency. The votes for SB 81 in both chambers of the legislature are extremely encouraging and demonstrated strong CPRIT support—no significant vote came in less than a two-to-one margin.

This support is due in large part to the great work of our grantees who demonstrated that after seven years, concrete results are being achieved in all three CPRIT programs – Academic Research, Product Development Research, and Prevention.

CPRIT has exceptional legislative champions, most notably Senator Jane Nelson, Representative Sarah Davis, Senator Kirk Watson and Representative John Zerwas, and many others facilitated our efforts. CPRIT recognizes the enormous hope placed in it by Texans. We work every day to live up to their high expectations.