Ronald Parchem Ph.D.
Ronald Parchem Ph.D.
Baylor College of Medicine
Titles & Positions

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Neuroscience, Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Center

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Grant Information

Grant ID: RR150106
Grant Mechanism: 
Recruitment of First-Time, Tenure-Track Faculty Members
Recruited From: 
University of California, San Francisco
Date Awarded: 
September 10, 2015
Grant Amount: 

While one trend in cancer treatment involves ever-more personalized medicine, some researchers are trying to find out how to treat cancer more universally.

These include molecular biologist Ronald Parchem, who was recruited in 2015 to Baylor College of Medicine from the University of California, San Francisco, where he was a postdoctoral fellow. He joined the Department of Neuroscience, Center for Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine, and the Dan L. Duncan Cancer Center.

Parchem studies the difficult-to-kill cancer cells that remain behind after treatment, which can seed recurrence and metastasis. These cells resemble stem cells, or cells that can differentiate into different types of cells. One of these stem cells could move to a different organ and cause new aggressive tumors to form there.

As a postdoctoral fellow, Parchem found a crucial regulatory molecule that controls early embryonic brain development. This regulatory molecule is silenced after it plays its role in a developing embryo, but it is reactivated in some cancer cells.

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