Texans Tell Their Stories


CPRIT Prevention - Jeannie Aileru's Story

Jeannie Aileru discusses how she toughened her mental outlook to fight stage 3 breast cancer.


CPRIT Prevention - Desiree Anzalone's Story

Breast cancer at 25? It happened to Desiree Anzalone. She discusses her journey from breast cancer screening to survivorship.


CPRIT Prevention - Julie Curry's Story

CPRIT funding enabled Julie Curry to have a mammogram in September 2014. She discusses how that led her to genetic testing and counseling for the disease.


CPRIT Prevention - Rose Gipson's Story

With CPRIT funding, The Bridge Breast Network provides breast cancer screenings for women like Rose Gipson, who had nowhere else to turn.


CPRIT Prevention - Angela Gomez's Story

Because cancer runs in her family, Angela Gomez took advantage of CPRIT-funded genetic testing to determine her risk for breast and ovarian cancer. Find out what she discovered.


CPRIT Prevention - Samantha Jones's Story

Samantha Jones says she credits a CPRIT-funded breast cancer screening program for saving her life.


CPRIT Prevention - Stephanie Watson's Story

Who’s next? That was Stephanie Watson’s question about her family’s cancer history. Go along with her on an appointment for CPRIT-funded genetic testing.