Program Integration Committee

The Program Integration Committee (PIC) is composed of:

The PIC considers the prioritized list of grant applications submitted by the respective Program Review Council. The PIC approves by a majority vote a final list of grant applications to be recommended to the Oversight Committee.

In composing the final list of Grant applications recommended for funding, the PIC must:

  • Consider the priorities outlined in statute;
  • Document the factors considered in making the grant award recommendations;
  • Explain in writing the reasons for not recommending a grant application that was recommended for a grant award by a Review Council;
  • Specify the amount of funding for each grant application;
  • Specify changes, if any, to the grant applications’ goals and objectives, timeline, or budget recommended for a grant award and provide an explanation for the changes made; and
  • Address how the funding recommendations meet the annual priorities for the Prevention, Research and Product Development programs and affect the Institute’s overall grant award portfolio established by the Oversight Committee.

The Program Integration Committee’s decision to not include a grant application on the prioritized list of grant applications submitted to the Oversight Committee is final.